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Pinspots are small but powerful narrow-beam spotlights, usually hung from a lighting truss, used to accentuate a wedding cake, sweetheart table, or other item or area of interest. They can dramatically showcase your wedding cake or sweetheart table and make it a true center of attention. We offer two free pinspot lights with every event we are hired for. We utilize top-of-the-line Chauvet EZpin units, which are battery operated and have no wires.

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Bales Entertainment currently now offers photo booth service! We utilize an actual "booth" as we feel that is a big part of the experience. Our setup includes a state-of-the-art DNP RX-1 dye-sub printer that prints out two copies of each 2x6 photo strip - in about 10 seconds! No waiting around for your photo strip. We normally provide one copy of each photo to the guests and keep one for the client to have at the end of the evening (if so desired).  



Bales Entertainment is not your typical music vendor. We are all about quality over quantity and only contract one wedding or event per day. When you go with us there is no mystery about which of a myriad of disk jockeys will show up at your event. For premium weddings we usually employ a two-man team of Jeff acting as master of ceremonies (emcee) with a separate disc jockey on hand.  Bales Entertainment offers an endless catalog of music for all events and can download additional music at a moment’s notice at the site of the event. We always carry a full array of backup equipment in case of any unforeseen technical difficulties. We will meet with you prior to the event to discuss the music in detail and subsequently build a custom playlist just for you. We specialize in weddings, corporate events, and house parties. You can also hire us with the utmost confidence for your family-friendly events such as school dances, sweet sixteen parties, birthday bashes, family reunions, and any other informal gathering. Remember, no matter what your event we will never forget that we work for you. It’s not about what we like…. it’s always about what you want.

Bales Entertainment will ensure that your event has the proper atmosphere to allow for an awesome experience for you and your guests. Honestly, a big part of that is providing lighting for the main dance floor of your event. Music and dance floor lighting go hand-in-hand. Our DMX-controlled system will ensure elegant and simplistic lighting for slow dances and more colorful and fast-moving lighting for the upbeat dances. It’s never about over-indulgence. In fact, we recently shelved our dance floor lighting tower in favor of streamlining our setup. The dance floor lights we now use are generally mounted on top of our speakers. It provides for a much more compact and professional looking setup. You will not see a gawdy truss system full of lights with Bales Entertainment. We are all about keeping it simple and classy. Our dance floor lighting is always provided free of charge when you hire Bales Entertainment to DJ your event.

Gobos or monogram lights are projector units with custom made images primarily utilized at weddings or corporate events. A metal plate is professionally cut (or stenciled) into a design of your choice and when projected onto a wall, ceiling, or the dance floor at your venue it is truly special. We can prominently project the names or initials of a wedding couple, a message such as “happy birthday,” or the logo of your company. No matter what image you decide upon you will be thrilled with the results.



So just what is uplighting? Well, it’s the process of using standalone lighting units to enhance and accent the venue hosting your event. Our uplighting system will literally transform the room right before your eyes. First off it’s a visual masterpiece that customizes the venue for your event, but it also has the secondary benefit of making your (wedding) photographs even more memorable. Ask any photographer about it! Uplighting can also be utilized outdoors to highlight pillars and other architectural elements. Our inventory only includes the best in modern technology. Who wants wires and extension cords running across the floor at their wedding or event? All of our uplighting units are wireless, featuring the top-of-the-line Chauvet Freedom Par Quad 4's. These units are also battery operated - so no unsightly wires. We can scroll through the full spectrum of colors and can match any color swatch you provide us. The wireless system allows us to control the uplighting units remotely via Chauvet Xpress software on a Mac. We can remotely manipulate the uplights to change or alter the colors, place them in strobe or chase mode, or launch a variety of additional lightshow effects. It’s all up to you. Once you see this system in action you will be amazed!